What is Water Soluble CBD?

CBD comes in many different forms, from tinctures to creams and vape juices. Everyone has their own personal preference and each type has its pros and cons – mostly related to the time it takes to feel the effects and the duration of those effects. But what about water-soluble CBD?
If you’re an avid follower of the world of CBD, you’ll see “water-soluble CBD” being touted as the next-big thing when it comes to our favorite cannabinoid. Is there truth to this, or is just hype? Is water-soluble CBD better than CBD oil? We’ll try to clear up any misconceptions below.

Why is Water-Soluble CBD Important?
When discussing water-soluble CBD and why it’s effective, we first need to look at something called the first-pass effect. Basically, a lot of drugs are hydrophobic (“afraid of” water – they don’t blend with it) and so, when being administered orally, much of the original concentration of the drug is lost by the time it starts circulating the body.

CBD is one substance that is affected by this process. Obviously, that’s not something we want – we don’t want to pay for a CBD product and then only be getting a small fraction of the potential benefits since our body can’t absorb it. We want the whole thing, or as much as possible, to be utilized by the body. In other words, we want a high bioavailability.

CBD tinctures get around this problem by having the CBD administered sublingually (that is, below the tongue) – the oil is absorbed by mucous membranes of the mouth, not swallowed. Since the first pass effect is only something that affects drugs when they are taken orally, creams and vapes are also immune.

Water-soluble CBD is an attempt to steer clear of the first-pass effect even when CBD is taken orally. It has the potential to allow people to actually get what they’re paying for when they take CBD orally.

Maybe you’re someone who is more interested in taking capsules than tinctures or vapes. Water-soluble CBD also opens up the pathway to making effective CBD-beverages and foods – who wouldn’t want a nice CBD energy drink or to sprinkle some CBD powder on their lunch to help them get through the rest of the day? The possibilities are exciting.

How is Water-Soluble CBD Made?
The CBD molecule on its own is large, too big to mix effectively with the smaller water (H20) molecule. Sound Waves are used to break CBD clusters into smaller particles that can be homogeneously mixed with water. This really is a high-tech process.

Is Water-Soluble CBD Better than Older CBD Products?
It’s important to point out that water-soluble CBD is more effective than already existing products that are orally administered (CBD oil administered via tincture doesn’t count since it’s not swallowed) such as capsules or CBD drinks.
Since our bodies are 60 % water, it is possible that water-soluble CBD does a better job of being absorbed by our bodies than traditional CBD oil as directly extracted from hemp and thus gives a more complete effect. This is speculation but it seems to have biological plausibility.

Overall, water-soluble CBD may be the next big thing in the CBD industry, and it really makes a lot of sense why it might be more effective than older products. In the case of orally-administered products, it definitely is more effective.
Like most CBD products, whether or not you want to try water-soluble CBD comes down to personal choice – some just don’t like the taste of the oil, don’t like applying creams to their skin, etc., and if that’s the case, water-soluble CBD might make for a great alternative.

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