Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate – Which to Choose?

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So you are finally ready to try CBD and are looking for the right product but what different types are available and what’s the difference? Keep reading to find out! 

What is The Difference Between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and CBD Isolate?

Our CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant using CO2, which ensures the highest quality of the product. Besides extracting the CBD it also extracts other cannabinoids and compounds in the plant such as terpenes and trace amounts of THC. After extraction the content is refined to contain only specific compounds, which determines the type of CBD we’ll cover below. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

This type is unrefined and contains all the phytochemicals from the cannabis plant such as CBD, terpenes, essential oils, and fatty acids. It also contains a low THC content of <0,3%. All those compounds amplify the benefits of each cannabinoid which is known as the “entourage effect”. In essence when your CBD contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, it can provide a stronger desired effect. 

Isolate CBD

It is extracted from hemp and is considered as the purest form of CBD. The CBD is extracted and the other ingredients are removed, then it goes through a process called winterization to extract any remaining waxes, cannabinoids, and terpenes. It is the cheapest form of CBD but also the purest because it contains the highest concentration of pure CBD. It does not contain any THC. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD

It is like full-spectrum CBD, all the compounds from the plant are extracted except that all traces of THC are removed. Just like full-spectrum CBD, the extra compounds amplify the benefits of each cannabinoid creating the “entourage effect”. For people who tend to avoid products with THC, Broad-Spectrum CBD is for you! 

What are the Best Uses for Each of 3 Types?

No type of CBD is always better than other but there are certain situations in which a specific type will work best.

CBD isolate is the cheapest form of CBD, however, it doesn’t provide the entourage effect you get with the other types. Considering that it is the purest form of CBD you will get some benefits but it doesn’t deliver the enhanced benefits of the entire cannabis plant. Another benefit is that since it doesn’t contain THC you won’t test positive in a drug test. It is recommended for those who are starting to take cannabinoids, who have a sensitivity to THC or certain cannabinoids or regularly undergo drug screening tests.

The full-spectrum CBD offers the whole benefits of the cannabis plant but due to the THC, it will provide some sedative effects and may test positive on a drug test. It is recommended for those who live in states where cannabis is legal, and with severe diseases that other types of CBD could not alleviate.

CBD broad-spectrum is more recommended to those have a sensitivity to THC or live in states with strict THC laws.

What are Terpenes and How do They Affect CBD Products?

Terpenes are molecules that provide a unique aroma and flavor to CBD products but they also increase the effectiveness of the CBD product. They play a role in the entourage effect by influencing the cannabinoids directly and they provide specific health benefits to our body like reducing inflammation, fighting bacteria, and helping to sleep better. There are dozens of different terpenes present in the cannabis plant, different combinations of which determine the ‘strains’ of cannabis we see today!

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