CBD and You: How Cannabidiol Can Enhance Your Life

CBD and You

CBD, or Cannabidiol, as it’s known in full, is a non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant known for its plethora of health and wellness benefits. Commonly harvested from the hemp plant, CBD is available in various forms and has been shown to aid in alleviation and relief from a multitude of different ailments and conditions.

Though there are many whose suffering has been relieved by CBD, there is still little widely-accepted research supporting the medical benefits of CBD. CBD is not an intoxicant, like it’s infamous cousin THC, but possesses varied effects depending on dosage, form of intake, and other factors. Below we’ll take an in-depth look into the many different effects of CBD.

How Can it Help Me?

As mentioned above, Cannabidiol has many benefits to both the body and mind. Cannabis, in many different forms, has been used as medicine since the earliest records of human history. As scientific studies caught up, research into the Cannabis family began to show that the individual components of the plant, known as cannabinoids, provided a variety of different effects.

Of these more than one hundred cannabinoids, CBD has been shown to have effects such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, alleviation of cancer symptoms, and much more, without inebriating effect. Let’s take a more intricate look at the multiple benefits and advantages of CBD as the emerging research has presented to us. 

The Benefits of CBD   

Pain Relief – There have been many studies on Cannabidiol’s relationship to pain. One such study showed that oral CBD supplements greatly reduced inflammation and nerve pain in mice and rats. 

Treatment of Acne – Research has shown that thanks to it’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties CBD may prove to be an effective and safe treatment for acne. Although there is still more research to be done, this is a promising sign for CBD’s place as a health and beauty supplement. 

Alleviation of Cancer Symptoms – Studies on mice have shown that Cannabidiol can effectively slow the growth of breast cancer cells. In addition, a test-tube study showed CBD concentrate to kill human breast cancer cells. While we are still waiting on more in-depth research as it pertains to humans, there is a lot of potential for Cannabidiol as a cancer treatment. 

Reduction of Depression and Anxiety -CBD has exhibited antidepressant qualities in a variety of animal tests.

Neuroprotective Properties – Studies have linked CBD with a reduction in seizures in people with epilepsy, reduction in neurodegeneration related to Alzheimer’s, aid in sleep and enhanced quality of life in those with Parkinson’s disease, and a variety of other cognitive benefits. Today there are many families who swear by CBD as a treatment for their child’s epilepsy. 

Enhancing Heart Wellness – Studies have shown that CBD may be a natural and safe remedy for high blood pressure as well as greatly reducing heart disease in animal testing. 

Other Effects of CBD 

In addition to the benefits listed above, Cannabidiol has shown potential for various other health and wellness advantages. These effects include antipsychotic properties, preventing diabetes, the ability to combat tumor growth, and usefulness in substance abuse treatment. Though, as with CBD in general, more human studies are required to fully understand these benefits. 

In Conclusion   

Though more human testing is needed, Cannabidiol is mostly considered a safe and effective means of relieving the pain and discomfort associated with multiple ailments and has exhibited potential to be a powerful treatment tool for many serious conditions once more is understood about the cannabinoid.

If you think CBD could help you, many various products are available, but consult a physician before use to ensure absolute safety. As the effects, benefits, and advantages of Cannabidiol are better understood it is likely that the cannabinoid will become an even more potent remedy for numerous conditions, maladies, and conditions.

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